IMG Worlds of Adventure in Dubai, hailed as the world’s largest indoor theme park, is playing host to its Halloween event ‘Festival of Fright.’

To mark the spooky season, the theme park’s Cartoon Network zone has been adorned in giant cobwebs, bats, dinosaur bones, hay bales, a fountain of bloody water, blood-stained handprints, zombie mannequins, hanging ghosts, damp fog and thousands of pumpkins, to create a blood-curdling environment for guests.

The entrance to IMG Worlds of Adventure is decorated in giant-sized pumpkins to invite visitors to embark on a harrowing journey, beginning at the Zombies of Haunted Hotel.

Around 500 zombies will roam aimlessly around the park and into the Haunted Maze, chilling forest and towards the IMG Boulevard zone, where there are further spooky attractions, including the Creepy Graveyard.

In addition to the eerie ambiance, visitors to the Dubai indoor theme park can experience a number of Spooktacular rides and attractions.

Live music will be blasting into the night air, as DJ Bliss plays the Halloween classics. Guests can watch as a Haunted Parade passes by, alongside dance performances in the Lost Valley Zone.

The Festival of Fright is taking place at IMG Worlds of Adventure on October 31, 2019, from 8pm until 1am.