Painting with Light, leading Belgian lighting and video design specialists, have helped kick off the opening ceremony of the first Qatar eSports WEGA Global Games, with a hi-energy lighting scheme.

The grand opening of the games took place in the Khalifa Stadium in Doha and was attended by around 14,000 virtual gaming enthusiasts.

The immersive spectacle showcased AR and VR technology, live arena performances, presentations by gaming influencers and e-athletics and plenty of entertainment.

The eSports WEGA Global Games features a series of gaming competitions, including Street Fighter V, CSGO, DOTA2 and eFootball PES.

The grand opening ceremony commenced the eSports Games in style, with the help of Painting with Light, which was commissioned by Doha-based event company The Planners LLC.

The light design was centred on seven 16-metre-high towers, three located upstage and four downstage, to provide a sense of depth and the structural framework around the performance space, which was 80 metres wide and oval shaped.

Holographic images were beamed onto huge special holo-scrims and the stage surface was mapped for projections. The holographic images were distributed on different levels of all seven towers.

The cast comprised on dancers and flying characters, who worked in harmony with VR, the holographic images and hi-energy visuals.

The eye-catching show narrated the story of how Qatar came to host the WEGA Global Games by recreating the unique universes from key tournament games such as Street Fighter and DOTA2.