SeaWorld has sent out a survey asking recipients their opinions on procedures related to health and safety when the parks eventually reopen.

The survey was focused on potential safety measures at Busch Gardens and SeaWorld resorts. Participants were asked to give their responses ranging from “this would be a major problem” to “this is absolutely necessary.”

Potential measures include a virtual line waiting system for rides and attractions, every other row and every other seat set ups, and the suspension of parades and night-time shows. Plans are also in motion to introduce a touch-free payment system for merchandise, food, and parking.

Those taking part in the survey were also asked their thoughts on guests being required to wear face masks and site capacity being limited to 25, 50 or 75 per cent. Survey participants were asked whether they would be likely or not likely to visit SeaWorld of Busch Gardens this summer.

Whenever the sites reopen, they will need to comply with health and safety measures set by federal and state governments.