Fantawild Oriental Legend, Fantawild Holdings Inc.’s first high-tech cultural theme park in the Hebei province, has opened in Handan.

The theme of the park is centred on a concept known as Chengyu, a form of expression that’s traditional in China and comprises mostly of four characters.

The park is home to 45 Chengya themed indoor attractions and more than 200 landscape designs. One key attraction of Fantawild Oriental Legend is the ‘Legend of Nüwa,’ which, using innovative technology, tells the story of Nüwa, the mother goddess of Chinese mythology.

Other leading attractions at the new Chinese theme park include the ‘River of Tales,’ ‘Bear’s Mission,’ ‘Merry Go Round’ and ‘On Top of the World.’

Set in a domed theatre with seating platforms that lift into the air, is ‘Bridge to Love,’ whilst ‘Lady Meng Jiang’ tells a moving story about Lady Meng Jiang. In what is one of the most widespread and famous legends about the Great Wall of China, Lady Meng Jiang is believed to have brought down the Great Wall with her tears.