Gatorland, the 110-acre theme park and wildlife preserve in Florida, is brining animal education into homes, with its ‘School of Croc’ Facebook Live program.

The educational program is hosted by Savannah Boan, the park’s crocodilian enrichment coordinator and social media director.

The Facebook Live series is designed to teach children about the animals at Gatorland in a fun and engaging way whilst they are stuck at home unable to attend school of visit the Gatorland theme park.

With her co-presenter Brandon Fisher, director of media production at Gatorland, Savannah Boan and other experts from the animal park, will provide a close-up look at crocodiles, alligators, Macaws, Burmese pythons, and other creatures that live in the wildlife park.

Talking about the launch of ‘School of Croc’, Mark McHugh, president and CEO of Gatorland, commented: “It’s fantastic to see the excitement growing as kids, parents, and teachers anticipate new adventures every day on ‘School of Croc.’ We’ve even had teachers from several school districts advise us on how to modify our shows to support their curriculum.

“The kids are just amazing. They have sent us pictures of their chalk art alligators, alligator hand puppets, Play-doh snakes, stories with illustrations and pictures or videos of themselves watching ‘School of Croc.’ One mother posted a picture of her little boy eating eggs at the same time our monitor lizard was eating his eggs. Parents are excited too and tell us how Savannah is a great role model for little girls, and she’s inspiring kids all over the world.”

The School of Croc Facebook Live event is airing every day from Monday to Saturday at 10am Eastern Time on Gatorland’s Facebook page.