The Wanda Group has signed an agreement with Xinjiang Jinyangyu Real Estate Company for the construction of the ambitious ‘Kashgar Wanda Plaza’ project. Covering an area of more than 1,000,000 sq. mt., the project will integrate leisure facilities, shopping, cultural education and entertainment, including international studios, a children’s park, indoor boutiques, pedestrian streets, and much more.

The Plaza is located in the centre of the new district in the city of Kashgar. It is the first Wanda Plaza in Kashgar, and the first in southern Xinjiang and is likely to be the largest commercial centre in southern Xinjiang.

There are currently three Wanda Plazas in operation in Xinjiang, including Wanda Plaza in Urumqi Economic Development District, Urumqi Dehui Wanda Plaza and the Wanda Plaza in the Urumqi high-tech zone.

Additionally, there is the Karamay Wanda Plaza, the Wanda Plaza in Urumqi White Bird Lake New District and the Shihezi Wanda Plaza, which were all signed for or began construction in 2019.