Chimelong Ocean Kingdom, one of the biggest marine theme parks in China, has got even bigger and better, with new facilities, attractions and entertainment.

In July 2019, a 6,700-seat Chimelong Theatre opened its doors at the theme park, where ‘Dragon’, a 100-minute long Broadway-type show took place, featuring striking performances brought to life with spectacular lighting systems and world-class performers dancing, singing and acting on a 270-degree water ring stage.

Chimelong Ocean Kingdom is set to impress even further in 2020, with a line-up of new attractions in the pipeline, including the opening of the Marine Science Park and the Marine Science Hotel, which are due to open in early 2020.

A spokesperson for Chimelong Ocean Kingdom, spoke of Zhuhai’s bourgeoning tourism market: The Chinese mainland, Hong Kong and Macau markets registered continuous and stable growth since the Hongkong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge (HZMB) opened a year ago. It shortens the travelling time and draws more overseas visitors from Hong Kong International Airport to Zhuhai.

“Apart from residents or visitors departing from Hong Kong, we also observe more visitors who are willing to spend one or two days to explore Zhuhai. The HZMB offers visitors a novel and seamless travel experience,” added the spokesperson.