Cedar Fair Entertainment Company has announced it is to make a series of cost-cutting measures in response to the coronavirus crisis.

In March 2020, Cedar Fair closed all its parks. In a drive the cut costs, the company eliminated nearly all seasonal and part-time labour costs.

Part of the cost-cutting measures included the suspension of all advertising and marketing expenses. Cedar Fair also reduced its CEO’s salary by 40 per cent. Other company executives have also received 25 per cent cuts to their basic salary. All full-time members of staff at Cedar Point parks have also had their hours reduced by 25 per cent.

Capital spending of the parks has been delayed by at least $75 million on non-essential projects as part of the company’s bid to make savings to costs during these challenging and unprecedented times.

In a press statement, Richard Zimmerman, president and CEO of Cedar Fair, commented: “As we work to ensure the safety and well-being of our employees, guests and business partners from the effects of COVID-19, it’s important we also embrace measures that will ensure our financial flexibility through this difficult period.

“After social distancing recommendations by the authorities are lifted, we look forward to opening our parks as soon as reasonably possible. The actions we are announcing today help put us in a better position to do so as we navigate the unknown environment ahead,” Zimmerman added.



Cedar Point, the 364-acre amusement park in Ohio, has announced it will launch a new attraction in 2020, a boat ride known as the Snake River Expedition.

In what will be the amusement park’s 150th anniversary, the boat ride will involve guests boarding scientifically designed riverboats and travelling along the Snake River that surrounds Forbidden Frontier on Adventure Island.

Interacting with real-life actors and animatronic machines, guests will embark on a secret mission. Led by a member of Trapper Dan’s crew, visitors will smuggle treasure into safe waters.

The new attraction is resonant of Cedar Point’s paddle boat and Western Cruise rides of the past.

Colleen Brady, Cedar Point’s director of park operations, commented: “We have really cool boats that were built specifically for Cedar Point. We got a little bit of history, a little bit of new. The best thing about these boats is that everyone can ride them.”

The park’s vice president and general manager, Jason McClure, said Cedar Point could not mark its 150th anniversary without a new ride. “We wanted a ride that complimented our history and engaged the whole family together with Cedar Point,” said McClure.



Skycoaster, extreme thrill ride specialists and sister company of Ride Entertainment, hosted its annual Skycoaster seminar at Cedar Point, Ohio, in late September.

The turnout for the event was high, with attendees receiving onsite training from industry experts. Training from Skycoaster’s partners including learning about mile high rigging and cable inspection, KCL engineering lighting systems, Joytech specialised video systems and high energy sports, including flight suit inspection.

Following the training, seminar guests attended a dinner. Attendees also had the opportunity to experience the rides and attractions on offer at Cedar Park, hailed as the “rollercoaster capital of the world.”

Adam Sandy, president of business development at Ride Entertainment, said: “We’ve seen interest continue as we moved the seminar our of classrooms and back to amusement parks so site controllers can learn in a hands-on environment.

“Through the past decade, Ride Entertainment has invested in Skycoaster. The debut of the Sky Sled capped off several years of research and with new products, like lighting and video systems, we work to ensure that Skycoaster increases the bottom line of each owner,” Sandy continued.