Plans to build a giant inflatable theme park in Fishponds, Bristol have been given the green light by the city council.

In 2019, Jumpin Fun, an amusement park company with centres in Derby, Salisbury and Sussex, applied to the council to convert vacant business units in Fishponds into an inflatable theme park site.

Jumpin Fun’s plans have been approved. The amusement site will feature a range of fun obstacles, including climbing walls and giant slides. Visitors will also be able to jump in large ball pits with rotating arms that hurl the balls around.

Younger children can play in mini ball pits with smaller slides and in soft play areas. Sessions will be put on for guests with special needs and there will also be adult-only sessions.

The planning statement for the inflatable theme park read: “The permission for D2 use will create and deliver jobs and stimulate continued economic investment and use of the site providing leisure facilities and enhancing the overall vitality and viability of Fishponds town centre.

“The use can co-exist with adjoining neighbours and early morning use will not be full capacity, and the leisure uses can meet the existing permitted hours of operation, with minor amendments to allow Sunday leisure use and for early morning gym session.”

Jumpin Fun’s theme parks are all currently temporarily closed during the coronavirus pandemic.