A new multi-purpose entertainment project inspired by the world of aviation is planned to be built in Belgium.

The driving force behind the ambitious project is Jack Schoepen, son of Flemish singer, guitarist and entertainer, Bobbajaan Schoepen, who founded the Belgium-based theme park, Bobbejaanland.

After leaving Bobbejaanland when it was sold to Parques Reunidos over ten years ago, Jack Schoepen has been involved in a number of projects within a consultancy capacity.

The complex’s aviation theme stems from Jack Schoepen’s long-established love of planes.

Known as ‘Captain Jack’, the new site will be designed to accommodate all ages and is hailed as providing a “total aviation experience.”

A key feature of the complex will be Aero Park, an indoor entertainment centre. Air-traffic controllers, firemen, cabin crew, pilots and other individuals you see at an airport, will guide visitors through the theme park.

Aero park will be home to a number of rides and attractions, including a hot air balloon, a zeppelin, flight simulators and a control tower that guests can climb up.

Visitors can learn about the history of aviation through interactive displays tracking the industry’s history and evolution, whilst prodiving scientific and technical information.

Other potential features include indoor skydiving, a sky climb, sky tower, sky monorail, which links the entire site, a 1,000-lot carpark with room for 200 bike and the Bobbejaan Hall of Fame.

Two Boeing 747s could also be featured at the complex, one to be converted into the site’s hotel and the other to accommodate ‘Jumbobizz’ meeting rooms.

The project is to funded predominantly by the Schoepen family.