A new attraction known as the Underground Expedition, has opened at Xplor Park in Mexico.

The Underground Expedition comprises of a 2,450 ft. long journey that takes guests on an adventure along the River Maya in an underground cavern that’s adorned in ancient and inspiring stalactite formations.

Guests will encounter caves filled with translucent water, they will traverse through verdant jungle landscapes and experience the Rivera Maya.

Visitors have the opportunity to choose one of two routes, both of which offer different landscapes that weave around natural water, gaping cavers and hidden canyons.

At the end of the journey, guests can slide down two thrilling water slides.

Xplor Park is home to six other attractions, including ziplines, rafts, amphibian vehicles, hammock splashing, stalactite river swimming and spelunking, which is hiking through caverns and caves.

The park will be launching another new attraction, the Tobaganxote, which involves guests going on four different types of descents on board a raft before landing in a wave pool.