the sky award

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The Sky Award

The “Sky Award” is the first commendation ceremony in China’s amusement industry to be participated by the whole industry. It aims to recognize the excellent amusement parks, planning and design, amusement equipment and facilities in China’s tourism industry to encourage enterprises to enhance brand awareness and promote the healthy development of China’s tourism industry. It is recognized as one of the most important awards in the amusement industry and is known as the “Oscar of the Chinese amusement industry”.

Honor logo: From the moment of the award of the Sky Award, the Skyscraper has a wide range of media and industry resources, and has received a series of media and customer attention, regardless of your marketing campaign, product promotion, marketing activities and other marketing activities, the Skyscraper logo Becoming a compelling focus, the Skyscraper logo is a sign of quality certification.

Certificate trophy: The winners of the Ferris Awards will receive trophies and certificates, record valuable moments in the eyes of everyone, and receive the media and everyone’s attention and congratulations. The honorary certificate of the deserved reputation represents the highest recognition in the industry.

Online Exhibition: The China Amusement App features online exhibitions and events featuring award-winning companies. All the award-winning companies and products are presented to the public and customers. It is the preferred portal for media and Chinese entertainment industry information.

Offline activities: the Sky Awards Ceremony, the event will promote the winners’ information, and the China Amusement Park Amusement Park Association will bring the winners to different occasions and regions under the line to present in front of customers.

Media Public Relations: The Sky Awards are held from the event to the awards ceremony. The mainstream media of the Ferris Awards have tracked the reports and become the perfect opportunity for important people, target groups and the public.