Polin Waterparks, innovators in waterslide technology integration, has launched next level image recognition technology for waterparks, known as the AIPIX.

AIPIX makes it easier than ever before for visitors to waterparks and amusement sites with water attractions to capture their fun memories.

Dubbed as next-level image recognition technology, AIPIX is a highly innovative face recognition system. Featuring specially developed artificial intelligence architecture, AIPIX is able to detect an individual even if the face is partially covered, their eyes are closed, or the guest is screaming.

By placing AIPIX cameras in strategic places around a waterpark, sites can capture these special memories in real-time. The action can be captured in live videos as well as stills from the best angles for optimum memory capturing.

Visitors can share their experiences instantly on social media with the AIPIX system. With instant uploads to the visitors’ phones, guests don’t have to waste time queuing for experience snaps and therefore get to spend more time in the waterpark.

The AIPIX system provides park operators with data insights and analytics based on age, gender, location, times, and relations.

AIPIX is compatible with all smartphones and can be used hands-free.

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