A2.8-kilometre-long waterway that winds through Universal Beijing Resort in China, is set to be completed in November this year. The project, which will enable guests to enter the theme park by boat, is due to open in the public in May 2021.

The waterway will wind through the cultural and tourist zone of the park, starting at Jiukeshu Middle Road to the west side of East 6th Ring Road.

Guests will be able to embark the boats at docking stations at the resort’s hotels, which will transport them to the main entrance at the park.

Construction of the waterway began in September but was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Work resumed on March 10. The structure of the river has been completed and the remaining work, including bank greening, river seepage reduction and the construction of a water treatment station, is underway.

The waterway will comprise of 40 to 100-metre-wide landscapes and a water area of approximately 120,000 sq. mt. Along the waterway there will be eight major tourist spots, all named after both modern and old poems related to the Grand Canal.

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