Merlin Entertainments is continuing to connect and stay in touch with families despite parks remaining closed and families having to stay at home during lockdown.

The ‘Making Magic with Merlin’ initiative involves bringing ‘Merlin Magic’ to homes everywhere.

By partnering with the online educational publishing house Twinkl, Merlin Entertainments is able to share content from Sea Life centres to families. Twinkl created a free Home Learning Hub that gives daily lessons to three to 16-year-olds in Britain.

The teaching experiences include behind-the-scenes looks at Sea Life attractions presented by Sea Life centre’s aquarium experts.

The Twinkl and Sea Life remote sessions will begin on May 1 and will involve informing children about what penguins eat. Sea Life’s penguin keepers will present the first session.

Attendees can also brighten up their day with a vibrant video background designed by the Aquarist team at Sea Life London. The video backgrounds can be downloaded for free. Among the most popular backgrounds are those that feature sea life and make it look like attendees are swimming with jellyfish or a sand tiger shark during their calls.

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