For theme park enthusiasts missing their favourite parks during lockdown, a new app could help them get their fix. Known as Ambients, the app brings the soundtrack of theme parks and amusement sites into people’s homes.

With the Ambients app, users can listen to the noise of a fun family day out at an amusement park via audio tracks designed to sooth without distraction. The app isn’t focused on white noise or the sounds of nature, but gentle laughter, conversation, the chat of children, and screams from white-knuckle rollercoasters.

Charlyn Keating, CEO of Stormbreaker Studios in Orlando, Florida, commented on the purpose of the app: “While on lockdown here at home, I’ve been missing the people-filled outdoor space.

“I started to feel a strong draw to places with crowds, like the beach, a theme park, or even a busy coffee shop,” Keating continued.

The Ambients app give users a choice of eight tracks, with more due to be available in the coming weeks. Each track lasts for ten minutes. The theme park track features screams from rollercoasters and nostalgic carousel music.

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