The Indian Association of Amusement Parks and Industries (IAAPI) is seeking relief from the damage the ongoing pandemic has brought to the sector.

All amusement parks in India have been closed since mid-March and even when lockdown is lifted, the sector fears it is unlikely to resume normality as social distancing measures are likely to still be enforced.

The IAAPI has asked India’s prime minister Narendra Modi for assistance, including a 6-month deferment of payment of direct or indirect taxes of all statutory dues, a 12-month moratorium on payments to financial institutions, a reduction in effective rate of interest in loans and a 12-month complete holiday from paying goods and services tax.

In a press statement, IAAPI secretary general Anil Padwal said: “We earn over 40 per cent of revenues in the March-June season. After the summer vacations, there are rains and a six-month long lull every year.”

The IAAPI has written two letters to the Indian prime minister, the first dated March 23 and a follow up letter on April 3, stipulating the industry’s demands.

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