The hydroslide at the Levin Aquatic Centre, New Zealand, is to be repaired at a cost of $370,000.

The council has approved the repair and is wanting the work to be carried out by local businesses once the lockdown has been lifted. The hydroslide is almost 20 years old. Work to repair it will comprise of removing the slide and either repairing or replacing the existing stairwell.

According to engineer reports, the handrails, floor plates and stairs of the hydroslide need to be replaced and the stairwell is partially rusted.

Brent Harvey, community facilities and even manager at the Levin Aquatic Centre, pinned the damage on the atmospheric conditions at the pool. “The are where the hydroslide is has high humidity, higher ambient temperature, poor ventilation and a high concentration of corrosion-inducing anions,” Harvey commented.

Levin’s councillor, Wayne Bishop, noted the challenges the coronavirus outbreak has created at a local level. “Going forward we are going to be challenges to be a key part of rebooting the economy locally,” said Bishop.

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