Animax Designs, a market leader in the creation of animatronic and interactive characters for theme parks and entertainment centres around the world, are now involved in the fight against the spread of COVID-19.

The Nashville-based company is producing masks and face shields to help protect people working in the medical profession.

As the disease escalated within the local Nashville, Tennessee community, Animax saw an opportunity to utilise its existing manufacturing equipment to develop specialist protective masks and face shields to help protect health workers on the frontline.

Chuck Fawcett, president and CEO of Animax Designs, commented: “I think this initiative fits very well with our purpose. We are in business to bring smiles to faces around the world. When children see those beloved characters literally coming to life in front of their eyes, it transports them into their own fantastical dream world.

“One of my favourite things is to watch the reaction of parents when they see this excitement in their children. Now many of those same parents are stepping up to the plate directly in the face of danger.

“They are on the front lines helping to care for and protect our community. We have an amazing opportunity to help protect those same parents when this is all over, they can once again see the smiles on their children’s faces,” Fawcett continued.

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