The Seibuen Amusement Park in Tokorozawa, Saitama Prefecture, Japan, is to undergo a major revamp, centred on a 1960s’ townscape.

The transformation of the park is due to be completed in 2021. The Seiby Railway co. has announced it will spend approximately 10 billion yen ($93 million). The theme park will continue operating during the renovation work.

The project will be assisted by Tsuyoshi Marioka, the company which helped modernise Universal Studios Japan in Osaka.

Seibuen Park opened in 1950. The theme park covers an area of approximately 200,000 sq. mt. In the height of its popularity, the amusement site attracted 1.94 million visitors in the business year ending 1989. In the year ending March 2019, this figure had dropped to just 490,000.

With many of the facilities falling into disrepair, the theme park seems to be long overdue a makeover. As Takashi Goto, president of Seibu Holdings Inc., the parent company of Seibu Railway, said: “We want to ensure an increase in the level of satisfaction among visitors.”

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