The seaside Pleasure Beach theme park in Great Yarmouth is preparing for the arrival of a new £500,000 white-knuckle ride.

The ride is known as ‘Lighting 360’ and is being custom-built in Italy for the Pleasure Beach. The attraction is sat on a tower. Eight arms support a two-seater plane, which can turn 360 degrees and is controlled by the user.

The ride’s name derives from a fighter plane from the Second World War named Lightning 360. It will replace a caterpillar-themed ride at the theme park, which closed in 2019.

Lighting 360 is currently being built in a factory outside Venice, northern Italy. Inspectors are to examine the ride’s safety systems before it is shipped to Great Yarmouth.

Arthur Jones, managing director at the Pleasure Beach, commented on the ride: “It’s going to be a unique experience.

“We have to make sure everything is as it should be. We are racing against time, but the plan is to get the ride in time for Easter. At the moment it’s on schedule,” Jones added.

The Pleasure Beach at Great Yarmouth opens for the 2020 season on March 28.

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