Ocean Park Hong Kong has launched an educational channel on YouTube called Redd’s Nature Play Party. The channel publishes fun animal-themed content designed to help children learn about animal welfare and conservation when at home.

The self-learning YouTube channel comes at a time when schools have been suspended in China due to the outbreak of the coronavirus.

The platform features regular video footage by Redd, a member of Whiskers & Friends. The videos are focused on informing youngsters about environmental conservation and the ecosystem.

Josephine Woo, executive director, education and special projects coordinator at Ocean Park, commented: “Ocean Park is always closely connected to the local school community.

“We understand that ever since class suspension is put in place, parents and schools have been making huge efforts to ensure the learning progress as well as physical and mental wellbeing of children will not be affected,” added Woo.

Redd’s Nature Play Party comprises of three different educational series – ‘Play with Nature’, ‘Move and Dance’ and ‘Art and Crafts Workshops.’

According to Woo, the series are designed so “children can play, exercise and learn without locations constraints.”

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