New monorails are opening at Tokyo Disney Resort in May 2020, including a new ‘Type C’ monorail.

The design of the new monorails is in-keeping with the style of the currently operating the Disney Resort Line, with a two-colour graduation to resemble softy-flowing waves on the sides of the trains. The monorails also boast larger Mickey Mouse windows designed to improve travellers’ viewability of the park.

Inside, the monorails have a bigger width and height and lengthened seats to improve boarding and uploading procedures. Wide spaces have been added to the third and fourth cars of each train, and a freestanding space has also been allocated on each vehicle to accommodate for guests with wheelchairs.

Also new to the upgraded monorails are Mickey Mouse shaped handles which have been installed at different height levels so both children and adults can use them.

The observation sear on the new trains are also positioned so that visitors in wheelchairs can use them.

The first of the five new monorail trains will open at Tokyo Disney resort on May 21, 2020 with the remaining trains being rolled out by 2024.

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