Since it first opened its doors in 1965, SeaWorld has rescued 36,000 animals in its ongoing mission to help stranded, ill and injured marine and terrestrial animals.

Working in partnership with animal care experts, rescue specialists and veterinarians, the much-loved amusement park has been successfully rescuing and rehabilitating animals for almost 55 years.

As Donna Wieting, director of NOAA Fisheries’ Office of Protected Resources, said: “SeaWorld’s work rescuing and rehabilitating wild animals is of the highest calibre and the reason why the rescue team has been a long-standing and valuable partner.

“We also value SeaWorld’s mission to educate the public about marine wildlife conservation and the role they play in protecting animal habitats,” Wieting continued.

Jon Peterson, senior leader of Zoological Operations at SeaWorld Orlando, describes SeaWorld’s commitment to animal rescue: “Our teams remain on the frontlines of marine mammal rescue because of our enduring commitment to supporting rescue, rehabilitation and return,” said Peterson, adding: “In a perfect world, animals would never need to be rescued, but until that changes, our teams will continue to work closely with our partners to help save these animals.”

For every ticket purchased for SeaWorld Orlando, San Antonio and San Diego, funds go towards the rescue and rehabilitation of the animals that are rehomed at the resort.

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