In recent years, a number of companies in the amusement industry in Italy have been working on a project designed to make amusement rides enjoyable for people with limited abilities. The project is known as “una giostra per tutti,” loosely translated as “a carousel for everyone.”

C&S, a manufacturer and supplier of amusement park rides, has been involved in the project, developing an amusement park car designed for people with limited or no leg functionality.

The car features a removable side panel and a double throttle control at the steering wheel and foot pedal, to enable passengers with limited ability and able-bodied passengers to control the car. A selector allows either functions to be activated.

A plate on the steering wheel can be pressed at any point to set the car in motion, with either one hand or two. Along the track is a removable bench to enable wheelchair-users to move in and out of the cars with ease. The seatbelts are specifically designed to ensure maximum passenger safety and comfort.

For C&S, the modified cars to accommodate all passengers, marks the start of developing bumper cars that can be used by people with special needs.

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