Construction of the Suzhou Amusement Park Forest World in China is now underway, with the main gate to the park having been erected.

The gate is symmetrically designed with steel piping and tree-shaped tubes, designed to resemble rattan in a forest.

Suzhou Amusement Park closed in 2017, after being a popular attraction site for locals for 20 years.

The Suzhou Amusement Park Forest World will replace the Amusement Park and is aimed at being the only forest-themed eco-tourism destination in China.

The park is also set to be one of the leading amusement destination sites of the Yangtze River Delta. The forest-themed resort will feature six themed areas, covering 379,900 sq. mt. A total of 49 buildings and 24 amusement facilities will be built on the site.

It has also been announced that the Suzhou Amusement Park Forest World will feature a number of world-class rides. 17 of the park’s rides have already been installed.

The remaining rides are due to be installed soon and will be fully commissioned after the Spring festival of 2020.

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