Skycoaster, extreme thrill ride specialists and sister company of Ride Entertainment, hosted its annual Skycoaster seminar at Cedar Point, Ohio, in late September.

The turnout for the event was high, with attendees receiving onsite training from industry experts. Training from Skycoaster’s partners including learning about mile high rigging and cable inspection, KCL engineering lighting systems, Joytech specialised video systems and high energy sports, including flight suit inspection.

Following the training, seminar guests attended a dinner. Attendees also had the opportunity to experience the rides and attractions on offer at Cedar Park, hailed as the “rollercoaster capital of the world.”

Adam Sandy, president of business development at Ride Entertainment, said: “We’ve seen interest continue as we moved the seminar our of classrooms and back to amusement parks so site controllers can learn in a hands-on environment.

“Through the past decade, Ride Entertainment has invested in Skycoaster. The debut of the Sky Sled capped off several years of research and with new products, like lighting and video systems, we work to ensure that Skycoaster increases the bottom line of each owner,” Sandy continued.

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