Waterplay, providers of aquatic play solutions, has announced the release of three new products centred on delivering an experience.

The products are part of Waterplay’s Water Weavers series and feature a simple design while providing a collaborative play experience.

The multi-user products are designed to stimulate the mind and encourage spatial movement and awareness through weaving water effects and interactivity.

Water Weavers’ lead designer, Markus Ehring, who is the founder Public Poetry, a German design company, spoke of the new product range. “Water Weavers are a unique product that focuses on the energy the water brings to the play space,” said Ehring.

“The design is minimal, but the play value and water display are exceptional, making for a very fun product that will be a nice addition to any space,” Water Weavers’ lead designer added.

The new products can work individually or as a group. They also work with other Waterplay products.

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