A hotel solely dedicated to esports is opening in the shopping district of Nipponbashi, in the Japanese city of Osaka.

The E-Zone Hotel, known in Japan as the e-ZONe Denno Kukan, is inspired by a ‘cyberspace’ theme and will comprise of gaming floors, special rooms and sleeping cabins with a total of 94 beds.

The seventh floor will be home to special bedrooms, which feature in-room gaming computers.

Resonant of a gaming café, the hotel hopes to attract both experienced gamers and novices to esports.

The building of the new esports hotel is already underway and the hotel is due to open in April 2020.

A special opening ceremony is expected to take place on the official opening day of the hotel.

Nipponbashi is one of the largest commercial districts in Osaka and is well known for selling electrical equipment for discounted prices and subsequently seems like an appropriate site for a hotel dedicated to esports.

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