Hengdian World Studios, China’s ‘film and television capital’, premiered the grand opening of the ‘Dream Bund’ movie studio and theme park.

The opening of Dream Bund in Hengdian, China’s ‘City of Film and Television,’ marks the continued expansion of the largest film and TV shooting site in the world.

The studios are renowned for their collection of full-scale sets, and intricate recreations of a number of iconic Chinese sites and palaces.

The new theme park is designed in the style of Shanghai’s iconic waterfront district during the first half of the 20th Century.

The theme park is designed to enable attractions to operate concurrently with up to twenty film and television productions, at any given time.

The park is due to be rolled out in phases over the next year. Its opening day program will include the signature Trolley Tour, a historical museum, and the Broadway Hotel, modelled on the Broadway Mansions building in Shanghai.

Legacy Entertainment, US-based theme park and resort designers, helped with the design of the 280,000 square metre project.

Barry Kemper, partner and chief operating officer at Legacy Entertainment, commented on the challenges of the project:

“Capturing the inherent beauty and romance of Shanghai’s yesteryear was the easy part for us. Balancing the operational demands of both a movie studio and a theme park, each complex in and of itself, was not.

“We sincerely enjoyed our collaboration with Hengdian World Studios, as they are not only one of China’s best tourism operators, but their attention to detail is second to none in the market.”

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