June 27, 2019, saw an agreement reached for Sunac China to develop a cultural tourism project and industrial zone in the Hannan district of Wuhan.

The project is expected to take five years to build and will create more than 100,000 jobs.

Built in the smart ecological city of Wuhan development zone, this large-scale project will be focused on the construction of a ‘Smart Yangtze River Center’, a ‘Wuhan International Ecological Cultural Tourism Area’ and an ‘Industrial Innovation Center.’

The ‘Smart Yangtze River Center’ will integrate several functional areas, including a high-end commerce area, a high-quality goods trading area, a smart life area, and smart industrial area.

The centre will also comprise of a ‘corridor for masterpieces,’ located alongside the Yangtze river.

Visitors at the ‘Wuhan International Ecological Cultural Tourism Area’, will be able to enjoy natural landscapes and historical sites.

The cultural tourism city will comprise of multiple projects, including characteristic ancient towns, smart theme parks, hotels, sports theme parks, and more.

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