It has been announced that WhiteWater, suppliers of the world’s leading waterparks and innovative waterslides, has acquired full rights to the rotating, much-loved waterslide known as the SlideWheel.

The waterpark manufacturers agreed a deal with Wiegand-Maelzer, waterslide suppliers based in Germany. The agreement gives WhiteWater exclusive rights to licence the SlideWheel attraction.

Inspired by the design of the Ferris Wheel, SlideWheel is an iconic, stand-out attraction. What is the world’s first rotating water slide features a unique motion, which slides riders backwards against thrilling G-force and pendulum forces.

The SlideWheel has won a number of awards, including a Brass Ring Award, the IAAPA Impact Award, a THEA Award, and a Leading Edge Award.

With an eye-catching lighting system, this distinctly-designed rotating water ride, is a stand out attraction in any waterpark.

As well as acquiring rights to the SlideWheel, WhiteWater has announced that Rainer Maelzer, formerly part of Wiegand-Maelzer, will be joining the WhiteWater team.

WhiteWater welcomes Rainer to the company, who has years of experience in the waterslide and waterpark industry.

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