Frontgrid, specialists in virtual reality attractions, has announced its immersive experience known as ParadropVR has been a hit around the world, and is on the cusp of breaking one million rides across all its international locations in 2019.

In March this year, ParadropVR opened at the VR Park in Dubai, significantly boosting ride utilisation and revenue figures for the attraction.

Visitor numbers for ParadropVR increased by more than 70% from the first quarter of 2019 at Merlin Entertainment’s The Bear Grylls Adventure. The attraction is also being embraced by guests at iFly venues and the Universe Science Park.

The experts in virtual reality attractions are planning further installations of the ParadropVR in the UK, India, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia. Frontgrid also plans to launch the world’s first ParadropVR City Flyer at the King Power Mahanakhon in Bangkok.

In a press statement, Frontgrid said:

“We’re incredibly pleased by these latest results. Since launching our first installation at Universe Science Park in spring 2017, ParadropVR has consistently exceeded expectations in terms of performance, reliability and crucially – the ability to generate revenue and footfall for operators.

“With a strong performance from our existing sites and several exciting new installations launching this year, we are firmly on-track to cement our position as a global leader in the design and implementation of immersive, adventure-based attractions for the location-based entertainment industry.”

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